What is TRUE innovation?

Most customers find their equipment brands doing the same old thing every year. “New models” turn out to be old tricks with a fresh paint job only designed to get you to upgrade to equipment that isn’t actually much better.

But Cub Cadet’s R&D team has a different mindset. Instead of just trying to improve current systems and platforms, we always start fresh by considering the everyday problems of turf professionals. We ask if there’s an entirely new way of looking at the problem. From that perspective, we can discover what’s really causing the pain point. Then, we question how we’ve “always done it,” and begin to see how emerging technologies can be adapted to work for an evolving industry. This dedication to a truly innovative R&D process is what gave reality to the RG3, TruEdge, and other game-changing Cub Cadet technologies in recent years.

And though we can’t say much yet, our team’s excitement is palpable because early next year we will launch a revolutionary solution for the age-old problems of raking bunkers at golf courses and sports facilities. (More to come on this at a certain turf management trade show in January!) As we in the turf management industry are rounding the corner on yet another year, let’s all make the same commitment as Cub Cadet’s R&D team: to think in new ways about old problems so that we can propel our field into its next phase of progress. That’s true innovation.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2017