Infinicut on Watford FC's award-winning pitch

Mower Technology Spells Health For Playing Surfaces and Operator

Not all mowers are created equal when it comes to maintaining turf health. There are a lot of moving parts during the mowing process—quite literally—and they each affect the health of sports pitches for better or worse. To avoid damage, turf professionals know to pay attention to a few key elements.

The sharpness of the cut matters. Dull blades can pull and tear the grass, leaving it weak and vulnerable to disease. Sharp, clean cuts promote quick recovery and better overall plant health. The aggressiveness of the cut is also key. Ensuring the right distance between the reel and bedknife will protect grass from excessive mower injury. Frequency of Clip (FOC) is another important consideration, and FOC settings depend on turf conditions, moisture content and other variables.

INFINICUT: A Revolution in Health

Modern day sports venues contend with fluctuating conditions throughout the year. And maintaining premier playing surfaces requires attention, adjustment and a little finesse. Superior turf health depends in part on how well you can tailor the cut to its needs. The Cub Cadet® Infinicut’s customizable technology allows for set-up options based on changing conditions—a huge plus for plant health.

Health benefits don’t stop there. Operators benefit from the Infinicut’s technology, too. Turf professionals report a safer and more comfortable mowing experience compared to other machines, thanks to reduced noise and vibration.

Watford Football Club has been reaping the benefits. They were recently named the Premier League Grounds Team of the Year, and Head Groundsman Scott Tingley credits the Infinicut. “The Infinicut has become a vital part of our maintenance program,” he says. “The quality of cut has led to a better visual appearance, but more importantly a healthy grass plant that suffers less from disease. There’s also the added benefit of the health and safety elements. My staff comments regularly on how much lighter, quieter and more comfortable they are to use than alternative machines.”

Maintaining premier playing surfaces isn’t just easier with better technology—it’s a healthier experience, too.

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Posted on: Jun 25, 2018