Turf maintenance easier with the INFINICUT by Cub Cadet to create the perfect pitch.

Can Your Turf Weather the Changing Seasons?

When seasons change, so do playing surfaces. Shifts in temperature and moisture prompt a new approach to turf maintenance, requiring professionals to constantly reevaluate their strategy. When you’re dealing with dynamic conditions but need to maintain consistency, what’s your greatest ally?


Without it, you lose your control to customize care. You lose your power over the pitch. And you lose your budget investing in several pieces of (less than flexible) equipment.

Leicester City's turf maintenance is easier with the flexibility of the INFINICUT by Cub Cadet

There’s a reason grounds managers from football clubs like Leicester City call the Infinicut their favorite piece of equipment: it was designed for flexibility. With a staggering amount of setup options, it’s easy to change your routine to fit the current season.

Easily manage thatch or protect grass from pests and disease when conditions arise. Adjust the cutting setup options to create the best possible finish. Change the clip rate or adjust the forward speed from one mow to the next.

Professional soccer pitches demand flexible care, season after season. When the weather changes, make sure you have the tool that changes along with it. Learn more about the turf mower that’s captivating the industry.

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Posted on: Sep 26, 2018