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TM System on Triplex MowerYour machines, whether a Cub Cadet, Jacobsen, John Deere, or Toro, are a significant investment. With the help of the flexible and agile TM System™ you can transform those fairway and triple greens mowers into a powerful all-in-one machine and get the most out of your investment. It will save you time and money – not to mention space in your equipment storage. 


A Strong Foundation

Using the appropriate Chassis adaptor kit, you can unlock the full potential of your mower by replacing the OEM cutting reels with cassettes specific to each turf maintenance task. The TM System™ is built on a solid foundation featuring a unique combination of the TM System™ Chassis, Universal Carrier and Adaptor — making the TM System™ compatible with nearly every make of triplex and lightweight fairway mowers by using an appropriate carrier bracket. 

TM System™ Chassis

The Chassis is constructed with the highest-quality bearings from high-grade type 304 stainless steel. All parts are laser cut for precision assembly and fitted to ensure a safe and trouble-free experience. Other features like the patented Wrenchless Height Adjustment, the industry benchmark, allow for easy precision adjustments of 0.004” on the fly. You’ll have full control of even the most demanding surfaces. The adjustable Rear Roller, with a wide range of cutting heights up to 1.625” and the optional Power Brush make for the ultimate in surface preparation. For added flexibility, the Front Roller can be specified as smooth or grooved depending on your application.  The “Easy-In Easy-Out” cassette construction saves you precious time as you can switch tasks in seconds with the ergonomically inspired four-bolt design. Flexible, reliable, and agile, the TM System takes your ordinary mower to extraordinary. 

There’s a Cassette For That

Everyday problems disappear with our offering of application-specific cassettes designed for the toughest challenges. Whether the objective is organic matter reduction, grain control, soil gas & air exchange, green speed manipulation, or just top-dressing integration, there is an appropriate turf maintenance cassette to tackle the need. Meet the team of cassettes that will unlock the full potential of your investment.

  • UltraGroomer


    will minimize puffiness in high-density Creeping Bent and Bermuda grasses by reducing scalping and foot-printing. The cassette will also remove seed heads in Poa Annua turf and on newly established green.

  • Thatch Master


    is used to prevent thatch accumulation and cut through stolons and rhizomes in fine turf. The carbide tipped blades are spaced at 10mm centers and manufactured from 2mm thick tungsten.

  • Razor Cutter


    produces less stress on the grass plant by employing non-carbide tipped, laser cut blades. They help minimize any bruising effect that can lead to increased plant pathogen attack compared to regular carbide tips.

  • Scarifier


    is the choice for greens that already have thatch at depth. The brush spacers ensure thorough clean-up by collecting thatch in grass catchers. Consecutive use in multiple directions results in minimal surface disruption.


    is designed to endure even collection of debris from the surface and also further down into the turf canopy. Fitted with an angled comb bedknife beneath the rotary brush, it effectively collects surface divots, debris, and organic matter, plus stands up the grass plant to help ensure healthy soil.

  • Sarel Roller


    prevents surface sealing of fine turf resulting from the effects of rolling and air-born silt. It can be used up to 20mm (0.8in) depth. It’s also an excellent tool for use after top-dressing to integrate the sand into the turf canopy.

  • Spiker


    provides an alternative method of reducing surface sealing. The Spiker is for those who prefer an elongated form as opposed to a circular pattern. It’s a fast and cost-effective aerator allowing the triplex to operate at transport speed.

  • Vibe


    is the only integrated vibratory cassette in the world. The operating frequency of 83Hz is transferred through two 60mm diameter rollers which produce fast, true putting surfaces. The optional brush is a highly effective way to work sand into greens.

  • Power Brush


    is designed to ensure even collection of debris throughout the length of the grass catcher. It’s very effective collecting surplus top-dressing, stones from bunkers, and leaf debris.

  • Static Brush


    seamlessly works sand into greens. Running on four nylon rollers, it has a simple method of adjusting the pressure exerted on the green – equally at home working in heavy or light dressings.

This versatile system saves the need to buy individual machines. Forget sinking money into single-function equipment; the future of sophisticated turf management is here. The all-in-one TM System™ will have your turf looking and playing its best and optimize your equipment investment. It’s the smart, streamlined choice for total turf refinement. 

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Posted on: Apr 15, 2019