The New Turf Mower

Infinitely Better Results

The Infinicut turf mower puts you in control and will allow you to improve the quality of any sports turf. With a dynamic return floating head, variable cut rate, and flexible setup, the Infinicut sports turf mower ensures a healthy turf while providing an unrivaled quality of cut.

Photo of our new fixed head for the Infinicut

Unmatched value and uniform quality of cut and appearance, every time.

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photo of an Infinicut unit
Photo of our new fixed head for the Infinicut

Unmatched value and uniform quality of cut and appearance, every time.

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Ergonomic and Adjustable

Customized Cutting Setup

You painstakingly adjust your aeration routines to suit the conditions, we believe you should have the same level of control over your mowing. The Infinicut is built to help you optimize for changing turf conditions.

Photo of a stadium with sharp grass stiping Photo of grounds keepers mowing a pitch

Quietly Dominating the Circuit

Many of the world’s greatest sports venues have made the switch to the Infinicut for its quality of cut, superior striping capability, and impressive paneling.

Photo of the Infinicut in a stadium with a grass striped field Photo of grounds keepers mowing a tennis court
Photo of Infinicut with our new fixed head option

Introducing a New Fixed Head Option

Infinicut is trusted on the world’s most elite playing surfaces for its consistency and flexibility. Now available in more options to suit every variation of turf. Engineered for flat surfaces, the new fixed head provides the same cut quality without sacrificing precision, all at an unmatched value.

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Turf Conditions Change Every Day

Your mower hasn’t changed in forty years.

Talk to a Cub Cadet Infinicut specialist to see how our sports-specific mower can help provide the perfect pitch.

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Specifications for the Infinicut’s various sizes are below. *Differences between the 21 & 22 inch models, and 30 & 34 inch models are noted inline.

21 & 22 inch* 26 inch 30 & 34 inch*
Engine Honda GX-120 Honda GX-160
Generator 1.5kw continuous; 48VDC brushless
Sound Power Level 81.1 dBA
Vibration level 1.23 m/s2
Fuel Capacity 2.5 L
Battery Module
20 Ah, 30Ah, 40Ah LiPo
Vibration level 0.85 m/s2
Traction and Differential 21 & 22 inch* 26 inch 30 & 34 inch*
Drive Motor 1kW continuous; brushless DC
Traction Drive Via Sprocket & Chain
Operator Presence Control Bail Handle & OPC Switch
Differential Externally mounted
Traction Drum 19cm diameter machined aluminium
Brakes Electronic (optional) Electronic
Transport Wheels Pneumatic 11 x 400 - 5
Mowing Speed Electronically controlled, 3.8 mph maximum
Weight 110Kg (no grass basket) 131Kg (no grass basket) 30": 147kg (no grass basket)
34": 165kg (no grass basket)
Reels and Blades 21 & 22 inch* 26 inch 30 & 34 inch*
Reel Bearings Sealed Spherical ball Bearings
Reel Diameter 127 mm
Number of Blades 7, 11 & 14 blades 7 & 11 blades
Blade Material Hardened, Boron Steel
Cutting Frequency Variable or pre-determined
Reel Motor 1kW continuous; brushless DC
Reel Speed Variable or pre-determined
Height-of-Cut 1.6mm - 35mm 3.5mm - 35mm 8.5mm - 35mm
Width-of-cut 21": 533mm
22": 559mm
660mm 30": 760mm
34": 860mm
Bedknife Material Hardened carbon steel
B.C.D. Position Adjustable via eccentric mounts
H.O.C. (Front Roller) Rotatably indexed with visible height gauge
H.O.C. (Rear Roller) Multi-notched positioning (Colour Coded)
Fixed Head Engineered for flat surfaces and provides great cut quality and precision
TM System Cassettes 21 & 22 inch* 26 inch 30 & 34 inch*
Ultra Groomer X X
Thatchmaster X X X
Scarifier X
Powered Rotary Brush X X X
Vibration cassette X
Vibration brush X
Star Spiker X
Sarel Roller X X X
Static Top Dressing Brush X
Groomer X
Razer Cutter X X X